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PosterDisplays4Sale is one of several E-commerce websites from Access Display Group, Inc. that offers sign holders, poster frames, display cases and numerous other indoor and outdoor display fixtures.

Whatever the Industry, PosterDisplays4Sale Can Meet Your Signage Application Needs

Anywhere from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations have purchased directly from us via our e-commerce websites or through one of our many authorized dealers. These include; Retail Stores, Institutions, Schools, Universities, Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Senior Living and Community Centers, Museums, Banks, Financial Companies, Restaurants, Fast Food Franchises, Auto Dealer Showrooms, Service Companies, Movie Studios, Theaters, Entertainment and Sports Centers, Churches, Religious Institutions, Military Bases, and Federal, State or Local Government Agencies – just about every industry. We take pride in the fact that many of our customers, including designers and architects, have returned over the years to purchase or customize our products for their display projects.

Poster Display Frame Sizes

When it comes to finding the right poster display frame size or poster case size, Poster Displays 4Sale can meet your needs. Not only do we have the 4 or 5 most popular sign and poster display sizes, but also over 35 additional standard poster display frame sizes to meet designers and buyers needs. Popular wall poster frame sizes include small 8 1/2x11 frames, 11x17 frames. 12x18 frames, 14x22 frames, 16x20 frames, 18x24 frames and 20x24 frames.

Large Poster Display Frame Sizes

If you are looking for larger poster frames or larger poster display cases for your corporate offices, retail stores, institutions, healthcare or other facilities, you’ll find standard poster display frame sizes including 22x28 frames, 20x30 poster frames, 24x36 frames, 30x40 frames and 36x36 frames.

Oversized Poster Display and Huge Poster Frame Sizes

Extra large poster frames are also available. These easy change, XL poster display frames include; 24x48 frames, 36x48 frames, 48x48 frames and 40x60 frames. We can go even larger too, our wall mount oversize poster frame displays come in sizes such as 36” x 72” frames, 48x72 frames, 36x84 frames or the super oversized 48” x 96” frame.

Custom Poster Display Frames And Poster Cases

SwingFrame enclosed metal and wood wall mounted Poster Display Frames and poster cases can fulfill a wide range of indoor poster, advertising and signage applications. If a custom small, medium, large or oversize poster display is required, we can design it and build it. Custom options for enclosed poster display frames and poster cases include; numerous metal and wood profiles and styles, side locks with key, cork bulletin board, fabric covered cork board, lit poster cases and poster frames with header.